What role will the US play in Bible prophecy?

Caller:  I was just wondering what role will the United States play in Bible prophecy?

Pastor Doug:  Ohhh good question.  Now before I even answer that, you heard the toll-free number we just gave out a minute ago?

Caller:  Yes I did.

Pastor Doug:  I’ll give it to you again.  For any of our friends listening, we have a lesson called “America in Prophecy.”  It’s right up the alley of what you’re asking.

Caller:  Ok.

Pastor Doug:  And that number is 800-835-6747.  We’ll send it to you for free, and it’s called “America in Prophecy.”  Very quickly, I mean you’re asking a big question.

In Revelation 13, you find out about this.  The first beast is in the first few verses.  There is a second beast in Revelation 13.  You know a very common misunderstanding among Christians we talk about the mark of the beast we talk about the beast in Revelation 13.  Really, Revelation 13 teaches two beasts.  Verse 11 says, ‘I saw another beast come up out of the earth.’

Caller:  Right.

Pastor Doug:  That first beast is speaking of the church based in Europe, more specifically in Rome.  The second beast is the Protestants based in North America.

Caller:  Ok.

Pastor Doug:  And it tells us that the union of Protestants and Catholics are going to forge a counterfeit form of Christianity that will not follow the Bible and will compel people to worship God a certain way.  And we’re going to have to decide between obeying the laws of men or the laws of God.

Caller:  Right.

Pastor Doug:  Now I just gave you a very abbreviated answer.  Please read the study.

Caller:  Ok.

Pastor Doug:  And that study we’re sending you is part of a series.  It’s our advanced prophecy series.  You can ask for the whole thing, and we’ll send them to you one lesson at a time.

Caller:  Ok sounds good.

Pastor Doug:  All right?

Caller:  Ok.  Thank you so much.

Pastor Doug:  God bless.  Hope that helps.

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