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It is commonly understood that certain letters also have values associated with them. Take the


numerals for example, the letters V, X, I, have the numeric values associated with them of 5, 10, and 1. This calculator adds the values of any Roman numerals found in names or titles entered into the box below.

*Note: the letter u also registers the same value as a v in this calculator, a common example of a u and v being the same can be seen on many older court buildings throughout


, the spelling of the word “Court” is often “Covrt”

PLEASE NOTE: The number is only one of 10 characteristics that identify the Antichrist. For the other 9 clues ... go here.

Enter a Name or Title: Letter Values
I - 1
U - 5
V - 5
X - 10
L - 50
C - 100
D - 500
M - 1000

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