How does the mark of the beast relate to buying and selling?

Caller: My other question really quick, about the mark of the beast…

Pastor Doug: Yeah,

Caller: I heard you talking about it earlier, that it’s going to be in the forehead and in the hand and that’s your actions and, you know, your thoughts. I think that’s what you said.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Caller: Isn’t there a place where it talks about you won’t be able to purchase or buy or work?

Pastor Doug: Yes in Revelation 13. You won’t be able to buy or sell.

Caller: Ok. So how does that relate?

Pastor Doug: Well this is a very common mistake. People are assuming that means that you’re going to have a bar code on your forehead they’re going to scan with infrared and you can’t buy or sell.
There may be use of a super card or credit card in controlling buying and selling, but when you look in the Bible, it says repeatedly through the five books of Moses, “in the hand” and “in the forehead.” It talks about the Covenant being in the hand and in the forehead – and it was always symbolic 100% of the time – so if we’re going to be consistent in interpreting the Bible when we get to Revelation, which is a compilation of all the Books of the Bible, you can’t now change the rules and say it’s a literal stamp in the forehead or in the hand. Because now keep in mind, it also says that God’s people have the Seal of God and their Father’s Name in their forehead.

Do you really think that angels are going to go and start writing paragraphs in peoples’ foreheads?

Caller: chuckles No.

Pastor Doug: So, obviously “in the forehead” means in the mind, the thoughts “in the hand” means in the actions. That’s a very clear Bible principle.

Caller: So when it’s referring to buying and selling and purchasing, it’s not referring to the mark?

Pastor Doug: Well it doesn’t tie the two together directly. In Revelation 13 when you look that up, there may be some use of two things. Keep in mind, Revelation is dealing with powers and governments.

Economic sanctions are being used right now to control buying and selling for countries that don’t cooperate. That’s one thing that we’re seeing that we’ve never seen before. All the nations getting together and forcing other nations that don’t comply through economic sanctions – they can’t buy or sell unless they cooperate.

Those sanctions are going to be used on nations that do not worship the beast. And individually, we may end up with some sort of a super card where if you’re not worshipping the way and the day they tell you, you can’t buy or sell.

Caller: Ok.

Pastor Doug: So there may be another device, but don’t wait to find a bar code in your forehead or your hand. The devil is smarter than that.

Caller: Right.

Pastor Doug: Good questions.

Caller: Thank you. God bless.

Pastor Doug: Hey would you like our lesson on the mark of the beast?

Caller: Sure.

Pastor Doug: It’s free. 800-835-6747. Give them a call. Tell them you’d like to get the Amazing Facts study guide on The Mark of the Beast. Ok?

Caller: Sure. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: God bless.

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