Antichrist Myths - The World Wide Web

Antichrist Myths - The World Wide Web
Everyone knows that everything is going the way of the

World Wide Web. The easy access to the internet is becoming the most popular way to buy and sell anything, from used goods on eBay to just about everything under the sun at

So it might — and we emphasize “might” — be interesting to note that one common way to write “WWW” is writing each “W” as “VI.” Of course, Roman numerals equate that symbol with “6” … so VI VI VI would amount to 666! Some say that the internet/human connection with “the mark” of Bible prophecy is that our foreheads equate with the monitor and our right hands use the mouse.

We actually don’t have much of a reason to debunk this particular myth, but it certainly does seem to be a huge stretch. What do you think? Check out the information on this website to find out what the Bible really says about 666!


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