Antichrist Myths - “The Beast” Supercomputer

Antichrist Myths - “The Beast” Supercomputer
In the early 1970s, computers were still something that people marveled about. Massive computation ability and complex artificial intelligence, coupled with the dystopian science fiction of the day, made computers seem downright devilish to many. Perhaps that’s why a sophisticated computer in Brussels, Belgium, was identified as the beast power sometime in 1973.

The rumor goes something like this: “A three-story computer in Brussels, Belgium, called ‘The Beast,’ is described as being the brain-child of the European Common Market. It is said to be ‘self programming’ and is intended to track the buying and selling activities of every person on earth. Additionally, the system depends on invisible tattoos on the forehead or back of the hand of each person for identity purposes. Ominously, the tattoo will be of a unique, personalized number composed of three entries of six digits each.” According to this frightening legend, we’ll all have our own fleshly credit card that enables us to buy and sell. Moreover, the credit card numbers are comprised of a set of three, 6-digit numbers … or 666!

But the truth is entirely less interesting. You see, the whole “Beast computer” concept was made up by an author writing a book! Joe Musser created the scenario for a novel he penned called Beyond a Pale Horse and for a screenplay called The Rapture. Musser just might be a popular and imaginative author, but we don’t endorse his predictions about 666. Why not? You’ll have to check out the information on this website to find out!


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