Antichrist Myths - Ronald Reagan

Antichrist Myths - Ronald Reagan
The President of the United States of America is considered to be the most powerful position of leadership in the world. Whether the president orders a war or tries to fix an ailing economy, the world takes note and often follows along whether they really want to or not. So it isn’t too much to consider that the devil would use this position to further his unrighteous ends on the earth.

In 1980, a popular former actor named Ronald W. Reagan took the stage as the most influential person in the world. He’s noted for helping to bring America out of an economic crisis and for helping to bring an end to the Soviet Union. But when people began taking a look at his full name, Ronald Wilson Reagan, they got to be a little nervous. You see, each of his three names has 6 letters apiece … 666!

This particular myth has a lot of truly interesting coincidences. For instance, when Reagan retired from professional life, he moved into 666 St. Cloud Road (later changed to 668 by his wife.) It’s also well documented that Nancy Reagan consulted astrologers when setting the president’s schedule, a biblically forbidden act clearly identified with Babylon.

And most amazingly: “James Brady, press secretary to Ronald Reagan, was shot in the head during an attempt on the president's life. Hearing that Brady's wound was certain to be fatal, a White House staffer mistakenly informed the press that Brady had died. The major television networks announced the death of James Brady. The story traveled throughout the world at electronic speeds. Miraculously, Brady survived his surgery. The press revealed that the man they had been memorializing was still alive.” This has been taken by some to be the fulfillment of Revelation 13.

But did Ronald Reagan really meet all the biblical criteria for the beast power? We don’t believe so — and we hope you will take time to find out for yourself by exploring the rest of this website!


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